Tunes for Thursday...What I'm actually listening to now.

Tunes for Thursday...What I'm actually listening to now.


Yea, that's me... in Wonder Woman underoos & sporting a ukulele - WHAT?

So as I've spent HOURS trying to fix all of my gym mixes & class playlists... I felt compelled to also make a mix of music I generally listen to on the daily. Little pedestrian and different from my workout persona - but it's what I'm rolling with today & what also makes me way mysterious/totally ordinary...



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OK OK OK - and here we have MAY 2nd... while I get the other ones all fixed and perfect for you...



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Remember to leave me YOUR favorite songs/bands/djs/all of it... But most of all - Enjoy! xo lis

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If you've trained with me or taken just one of my classes it's kinda no surprise: I love myself some good plank exercises. Yes they're hard. Yes they burn... but YES - THEY ARE EFFECTIVE! Legitimately, the plank is one of the most effective core building exercises which targets your rectus abdominus, obliques, lower back and all the stabilizing muscles surrounding these areas. This isometric, or static, exercise essentially forces you to engage your deepest core muscles which, if done correctly, will also strengthen the muscles that guide the spine (even the lower back and glutes!) So what makes THE PERFECT PLANK!?!?! Let's start here:



The base from where all fancy planks once lived... We start HERE. *Remember - take your time. We want to MASTER exercise and in order to do so, we start at point A and work our way to Z. Be patient and know that EVERYTHING is a process. So with that - start with 3 sets of 15 second holds. Move on to 30 seconds. 60 seconds - you get it. Let's roll:

a. With your weight on your toes & forearms (forearms should be shoulder width apart with your elbows directly under your shoulders,) bring your body off the floor. You should have a straight line from your head all the way to your toes.

b. Keeping your abdominals engaged (it should feel like your belly button is being pulled into your spine,) make sure your back is totally flat. You don't want a dip in your back. If you do - pull that belly button IN. Deeper. DEEPER BRO! DEEPER!

c. Now, check in with your shoulders? Are they pulled down? Make sure the shoulders are being pulled down into your back NOT up by your ears.

HOLD FOR 15 SECONDS. Rest. And again. REST. And again REST.

You cool? Rad - do it for 30 seconds next time...then 60...

Wanna make it harder? Bad ass: try lifting your right leg in the air for 15 seconds. Switch legs!

TASTY TUESDAY... What the %$&$ is Gluten Anyway!?


CELIAC DISEASE!!! DON'T EAT GLUTEN! GLUTEN FREE! So what the %$&$ is GLUTEN anyway?! And is cutting it entirely out of your diet something you NEED to do?! Well let's break it all down...

WHAT THE %$&$ IS GLUTEN!?!?!?: Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat (including spelt, kamut, farro and bulgur) and grains such as barley and rye. Gluten is not just limited to wheat products, as it can be found an array of products such as chocolate, deli meats, soy sauce, and many more. Used as a thickener, gluten can also be found in soups, dressings or even as a flavor enhancer in coffee, dairy products and liquors. Those with celiac disease face all sorts of gnarly symptoms even if consuming just a SUPER SMALL amount. Some of these symptoms can range anywhere from abdominal bloating, pain, gas, diarrhea, to iron deficiency anemia or even musculoskeletal problems and seizures. The list goes on. But so far - not that rad, right?

WHAT HAPPENS!?: Here's the deal... Gluten intolerance is an autoimmune disease. People with Celiac disease  (approximately 1 in 133 in the US,) who consume gluten begin to form antibodies that attack the intestinal lining (known as villi.) Villi help absorb all of the good stuff into the body so if someone with celiac disease takes in gluten, inflammation and damage to the villi can occur. "Great, WTF does that mean, Lisa?" OK - that means: nutrients which are normally absorbed in this area by healthy villi are no longer absorbed, since this area is now damaged. The result: malnourishment, extensive weight loss, depression bla bla bla.... It  just ain't good.

If you are a TRUE celiac - you may have a reaction from even the littlest amount of gluten and need to become super aware and alert of any and all food products you are throwing into your bod.  But some, LIKE ME, are not necessarily allergic to gluten - but sensitive to this mysterious protein.


GLUTEN SENSITIVITY:  With such a major increase of gluten into our diets over the last several decades, due to a huge increase in consumption of highly refined wheat flour, millions of people are beginning to feel the affects - and not in a good way. While these individuals may test NEGATIVE for gluten INTOLERANCE, they may just be: gluten SENSITIVE. Now, while you can not test for gluten sensitivity, many patients will show symptoms of Celiac disease and test negative.  So just as I did, these patients will opt to slowly cut gluten out of their diet then trial and error some products back in to see what affects their body and in what way.  While many patients have shown relief from their symptoms from gluten elimination, "sensitivity" has still not been declared an actual medical condition. (Though trust me - my stomach will tell you IT IS.)

If you have tested negative for Celiac disease and have further questions about Gluten sensitivity... check out this way helpful article: GLUTEN SENSITIVITY.

If you feel you may have Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or have further questions - call your doctor! And ASK QUESTIONS! Start a food journal and note what does and doesn't affect you after meals. Try to provide your doctor with as much information as possible!

***And remember: just because a food is gluten-free, does not make it healthy. These entire bags - are gluten-free... JUST READ YOUR LABELS!

xo lis


FUN FINDS FRIDAY: The Wedge Sneaker...


Ok, not so much news breaking - but I'm sorta into it  - so humor me. Yes - the WEDGE SNEAKER has sorta taken casual fashion by storm and we can thank Isabel Marant for starting this thing going with the following $695 beauty...

Isabel Marant Bekett

Yep, The Bekett has been seen on basically every celeb to and fro. From Jessica Alba to Miranda Kerr, Beyonce to ... I mean who cares - I said Beyonce. The point is - they all wanted a piece of this action. And, from there, pretty much all designers followed. Jimmy Choo, Prada, Steve Madden, Aldo, Ash... Whatever. It was when NIKE pulled out THIS SHIT I went sorta nuts.


The Nike Dunk Sky Hi sneaker has made people so crazy, a shoe will debut and within hours be sold out - forever. It's sad, it pains me... it makes me want to murder my friend Gina who received  THIS SHOE I WANTED SO EFFIN BAD from her super rad boyfriend.


Ok we get it - thanks for the Instagram...from Costa Rica. Uch, whatever. I totally also saw Vanessa Hudgens leaving Soulcycle the other day in them and for a split second wonder what would happen if I just pummeled her, took the shoes and ran. Then I recalled how much I'm obsessed with spinning and wanted to be allowed back the next morning. So - no shoes.

But we're getting off point. THE POINT is that I love them. The Nike Dunk Sky Hi are cool, cute and way super comfy. I can teach in them, I can I dunno just sorta stand places in them... I really want that pair Gina has, but I'm not gonna ever get them. And that's just life I guess.

I'm not LOVING the ones Nike has up now - except maybe these possibly offensively ugly red/black situations - it's kinda undecided.


No, I definitely think offensive. So nevermind. Now I'm thinking about Gina's shoes again...

And that's pretty much all I have to say about that.  Off to bed I go... Though, if you DO find the GINA SHOES - I'm an 8 1/2 and my birthday is July 6th.

Sleep tight crazy people! xo

TUNES FOR THURSDAY! The Procrastination of the Playlist: PART DEUX


We did this already last week... (See: TUNES FOR THURSDAY June 5th) So here I am again - back logging these for you... Now this brings us to APRIL. Oy, this will never end...This is what you gotta do: 1. *SIGN UP FOR SPOTIFY*

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(April playlists are posted below here - because I'm just that way...)

OH! And 100% leave me a comment letting me know what music YOU love! DYING to know!

Have a good workout! xx Lis


APRIL 2013

WORKOUT WEDNESAY... LOOK! Soulcycle for Michael Phelps!


I've so excited! This weekend, the New York Times reported on an amazing exercise studio in Tribeca that basically married two of my favorite things into one. Here's AQUA, a high-end boutique fitness club that offers spinning - IN WATER. Yes, that's correct - bikes immersed in water. The newest trend in Europe, "Aquacycling," is now hitting the states - and hard. Holding 15 bikes and, for now, women only - this 45 minute class differs a bit from your everyday SOUL ride. While still promoting positivity, lined with candles and throwing in jumps, tap backs - and of course, that killer arm workout -  the resistance made in an AQUA class doesn't necessarily come from the bike itself, but from your legs. Instead of "turning it up," spinners "speed it up," creating resistance through the water on their own. This impact free workout is IDEAL for people with muscular or joint problems.

Aqua claims their class can burn up to 800 calories, promotes flexibility and recovery, improves cardiovascular endurance and increases breathing capacity. Wait - but doesn't exercise do that in general?! Regardless - I WANNA TRYYYYYY!!! AQUA's rates run from $33 - $40, depending on the package, and can be booked HERE: AQUA SCHEDULE

For more information check out: AQUASTUDIO at 78 Franklin Street, New York, 10013 or call: 212-966-6784.

And if you go for a spin swim - TELL.ME. EVERYTHING!!!!!




So Monday, basically everyone ever, reported on a sandwich coming to the San Diego County Fair that gave me a coronary just looking at the description... THE KRISPY KREME SLOPPY JOE. I just can't on SO many levels that I actually can again. Like it goes all the way around. I'm all for having some "fair food," but this is taking it to a whole other level. A level which involves a triple bypass and a crap ton of Crestor.

I'm getting very upset. ANYWAY, this "sandwich," is pretty self explanatory. You got yourself 1/2 a Krispy Kreme donut... you got some Sloppy Joe... you got 1/2 a Krispy Kreme donut. Wait sorry - I left out that it is also "doused" in tomato sauce and then "sprinkled" with cheese. That doesn't even sound appealing to me. And BY THE WAY - this is coming from someone who LEGIT got cut off from biscuits at Quality on 3rd last year. (Just go there, you'll see.)

Upon further investigation this CHICKEN CHARLIE fella is also the same cat who brought us deep fried Kool Aid, Oreos and who this year is also serving deep fried bacon wrapped pickles as well as - WAFFLE DOGS. Which is a corn dog yet, instead of "corn," - you're getting yourself some waffle.

So obviously this guy is a vegan.

What's even crazier is CHICK CHUCK already has a Krispy Kreme sandwich but instead of Sloppy Joe - it's just a chicken breast...drizzled with honey. (Because you need it a bit sweeter.)

Well, that's all I really have to say about that - I think my blood pressure rose just writing this post.



TASTY TUESDAY: PB2 - Peanut Butter, Meet your Match!


I love peanut butter. LOVE. If I could live on peanut butter and jelly all day every day - I would. But let's be honest, a serving of peanut butter packs in the cals and fat. Now while yes, yes - it's "good fat..." It's not so "good," when you make out with an entire jar sitting on your couch.  (Not me. That's  - "a friend.") The solution? ENTER PB2! (which you can buy HERE: PB2 ) Sent from Heaven, PB2: "has the same consistency as full fat peanut butter with all of the natural roasted peanut flavor, but with nearly 85% less fat calories. PB2 is made with high quality peanuts that are slow-roasted to our specifications and pressed to remove the oil. All natural with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no preservatives. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter is mixed with water to create a traditional peanut butter mixture. It also works and tastes wonderfully in recipes that call for the use of peanut butter."


2Tblspns of MARANATHA Organic Peanut Butter: 180 calories/16g fat/2g Saturated Fat/7G Carbs/3g Fiber/1g Sugar/8G protein

2Tblspns of PB2: 45 calories/1.5g fat/0g Saturated Fat/5g Carbs/2g Fiber/1g Sugar/5g Protein

Bit more clear?! So with that, it's pretty obvious: if I can find a way to incorporate PB2 into my food - it happens. Example: my amazeballs Chocolate Peanut Butter covered Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches. Long enough? Check out below for the quickest and most delicious PB2 dessert I make at home! Now, with regular peanut butter (and I guess some chocolate peanut butter too,) this dessert can be upwards of 400 calories and 20g of fat! (Oy.) Throw PB2 into the mix - you're under 200 calories and at approximately 4g of fat. I KNOW - RIGHT!? OK OK OK - enough chit chat... Here we go:


All you need: *1/2 banana *2tblspns PB2 *2tbplspns PB2 Chocolate *Water

Look! I'm cooking!

Ok, I'm freezing - but HOW DOMESTIC AM I!?!?

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photo 5
photo 2-1
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MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Homeboy is 102 & finished a marathon - I think you can get on the Elliptical today...


I dunno really what to say here... Meet Fauja Singh, a 102 year old man, who in February of this year completed the Hong Kong marathon as his final race.  While this route (a mini mini marathon) was a mere 6.25 miles (let's be honest, today I ran three and fell asleep w my shoes on, face first, on my couch,) in 2011 Singh became the oldest man to finish an entire Marathon at the Toronto Waterfront Race. FYI - a marathon is 26.2 miles. 26.2 MILES! HE WAS 100!!!!! WHAT IS THAT!?

FYI AGAIN (In 2003 Singh finished the LONDON MARATHON in 6hrs 2mins, the TORONTO WATERFRONT MARATHON in 5hrs 40mins and in 2011 finished the TORONTO WATERFRONT in 8hrs 11mins.) (Oh please, the man was 100!)

In case this STILL hasn't shocked you - born w a birth defect , Singh wasn't able to walk until the age of five and once he did, his legs weren't fully functioning until the age of 10. Singh was not a runner as a young child, nor a young adult, but began his running career at the ripe young age of - 89!  Sadly, after his wife and son passed away, within close time to each other, Singh took up running as a means to combat depression.




  • Tests done on Singh at the age of 94 showed his left leg had the bone density of a 35-year-old and his right leg that of a 25-year-old.
  • In 2004, Singh was featured in an Adidas campaign along side, David Beckham and Muhammad Ali.
  • In 2011, Singh, a vegetarian, was the oldest man to be featured in a PETA campaign.
  • In 2012, Singh was selected to carry the olympic torch.


FUN FINDS FRIDAY... The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


I love my heart rate monitor. I do. Well, perhaps LOVE is a strong word but, I certainly like it a crap more than most of the guys I've dated from 2011 - 2013. OK, so it's become a bit of a security blanket when I workout. I've sorta grown SO attached to my heart rate monitor, I find it nearly impossible to exercise without it strapped to my wrist. Now while calorically, these devices aren't super accurate - watching your heart rate during exercise can become an incredible motivator and 100% addicting when monitoring your particular zones. If you have previously checked with your doctor before participating in your own exercise program and are curious about your own heart rate zones - check out this super helpful article from ACTIVE

The Polar FT7 is just generally awesome. I measure my heart rate everywhere. I take it to spin, bootcamp, pilates, on my runs, hikes... I should probably use it when I attend family dinners - but never really thought of that until now... This particular model tracks fat burning, fitness improvement and calories burned. It does not monitor training zone info, but with previous calculations, I monitor that manually. It is approximately $100 and can be found at most sporting good stores as well as HERE


Tunes for Thursday... The Procrastination of Playlists!


Yes, OK - I occasionally procrastinate... but I've really set an ULTIMATE record high at posting playlists. I looked back to see when exactly the last one posted and when I saw AUGUST - I had a mild anxiety attack. I've taught to SO many playlists over the last ten months there was no way I could post them all! SO - I'll be posting a few at once until we get ourselves up to date - somewhere in probably 2015... For now, I picked one from each month from December to March. We'll get down to more per month once we get closer to present day, probably around - never.

The below are through Spotify, (you will need an account to listen,) some will be through Soundcloud, some Itunes - you're smart, you'll figure it out! (**This is my make shift version... while we embed them for you... They'll all be fixed and much easier to view and play next week!)

**Click on the image to enlarge the playlist, Click on the link to listen...**

See?! I told you, you were smart!**

ENJOY! And if there are any songs, artists, whatever you LOVE - let me know... I'm good with requests!

xx lis

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Workout Wednesday... I totally went to a Rave Run. Electric Run 2013


(**To stop the Vine's from playing just click on them...) "OMG let's totally do this, " my friend Sarah said in a forwarded email.

"You just sent me a link to a rave run."

"It'll be fun!"

"It's a rave run."

Two weeks later, at 7:30PM, Sarah forced my cynical, yet ever so charming self, into the car headed straight to the Home Depot Center in Carson. I was about to participate in Los Angeles'2013 Electric Run, a 5K which started at 8:30 - PM. (Those that know me understand - this is basically my bedtime.) But after a little espresso motivation, I headed to this bizarro electric wonderland and took part in a 3.1 mile run leading me through; pumping music, dancing lights and a group of people - I'm confident I'll never see again. Until of course I do this next year... and the year thereafter...I really have no other way to describe what I did other than the below visual aides. Enjoy.

*Electric Run is held throughout the country and is honestly some of the most fun I've had in a long time. Click here for YOUR closest: Electric Run

photo 2 copy
photo 3
photo 4

Tasty Tuesday... Oh, Quest Bars: I Love You.


I'm always on the road. Driving to clients' homes, the gym, to teach my classes at Pilates Plus West Hollywood, back home, back out for my workout, back home and out again... It's a lot. And, being healthy means always making sure I'm not only keeping active, but nourished as well! Which is why finding on-the-go foods, I love, have become my newest obsession. Enter QUEST BARS. Quest bars are gluten free, high fiber, high protein, very low sugar/carb and calorically - super reasonable. I'll grab one in the early AM when I'm in the car, after a workout and they are my number ONE staple emergency snack. (I'm not joking, in the bag, in my house, my friend sat on one in my car the other day... You get it.) The bars are available in two lines: their 99.5% natural line as well as the 100% natural line. Now, because I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to sugar alcohols, which their natural line contains, I will only buy from the former. But give them a go if you don't have issues, I'm sure you'll love! I recently uncovered the secret microwave trick. Zap these puppies for 10 seconds and you have yourself: hot apple pie, a freshly baked brownie, a peanut butter cookie, etc. etc. etc. I'm serious, they're SO insane, friends of mine who work in an office without a microwave, started putting their QUESTS on their computer towers to heat up the bars. People get a bit nutty over these puppies.

I can't with this...

And if THAT still doesn't do it for you - perhaps you may also want to look into their peanut butter cups. Which I can't even get into because I love them so much I may cry.


Quest bars are pretty hard to find, but can certainly be purchased on their home site here: QUEST BARS - and to answer your question, my faves are Chocolate Brownie, Apple Pie and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Happy Munchin'!

xo lis

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY... Chris Tye Walker: The Man, The Myth, The Enemy/BFF of my Abdominals


 Happy Monday All!

Almost two years ago I wrote a blog post about someone who, unbeknownst to him, epically changed my life. I decided not to post as it was just too personal and anyone that knows me knows – I don’t do feelings well. So six months later I edited, prepared to post and once again decided “Eh, just not the right time...” Well, after a long conversation last Friday, practically 18 months later, without question: Monday was the day.

So here it is... Go crazy...

XO lis


A few weeks ago, I was scolded… I followed my bootcamp instructor, CHRIS TYE WALKER, on twitter in which he reciprocated. Though, by doing so - he discovered that I TOO was a personal trainer. My secret, I held EVER so tight when going to his classes at Barry's Bootcamp, was now OUT.

"How could you not tell me you’re a TRAINER?!"

"I wanted you to treat me like everyone else!"

I finally came out - and it felt amazing. It was only this winter when I was finally able to tell Chris how much he’s done for me in the last several months. He not only helped me get through a sorta shitty time, he also became a mentor to me in countless ways. Now that I was OUT – I was not only able to share it with Chris, but better yet – with all of you.

You’re all motivating and trying to make such important and powerful changes in your lives. You write me emails, comment on my posts and it makes me so happy to know that you're working so hard to only better yourself. Anything is something and you should all look in the mirror EVERY DAY and commend yourselves for taking the first step toward an even better you.

But I want you all to know that sometimes I TOO think, “I’m giving up...” That I TOO want a "Biggie Fry " & six piece chicken nuggets (with sweet and sour sauce) at Wendys. (Uch, Dude I so do.) And, like today, that I TOO can say, “I’M – SO – DAMN - TIRED! FUCK MY WORKOUT!” But most importantly that I TOO look to someone to inspire and motivate me.

Yes, I’m a no-nonsense personal trainer. I’m healthy. I’m tough. I’m strong. I often use heavier weights than some of the guys in my classes… (Calm down I didn’t mention your name…) But being a personal trainer doesn’t mean that I’m a machine through and through. In reality, I’m really just very human.

Earlier this year, I went through a really gnarly break-up, which basically sent me on a little vacay into the deep depths of HELL.  A VERY rough time left me feeling VERY “un-Lisa-like.” My food AND exercise were slipping, my decision making was at best sub par, I was in a pretty much permanent bad mood and it all just needed to change STAT. I knew I needed to get a grip and get one fast. So, during the summer, I got my self-loathing-ass up and drove to a place I hadn’t been in months — Barry’s Bootcamp. It was Friday. It was 2. It was Chris’ famous CIRCUIT CLASS. Now I've done circuits for years - but this weekly circuit class is like something I’ve never seen. 60 mins of: Mad Sweat. Red Face. And that $35 you spent at The Dry Bar? Wasted.


But, from day one – I was hooked.  Week after week I continued going to “Circuits.” Then Chris’ Monday class, Wednesday class – I couldn’t stop. It was in these classes throughout the week where I was able to sweat out my anger, my hurt, my sadness -  even think about ALL of my happiness and excitement. All of it. EVERYTHING I was trying to make sense of that day (good AND bad,) was resolved in class. It was about working through something so hard, yet so fun; so excruciating, but so exhilarating - that helped me hash out all I had in me, before I stepped in that room.

Chris could be one of the greatest trainers I have ever worked with or known in my entire life. He can challenge anyone walking in that room. He is beyond educated and always learning. He brings passion into EVERY workout and will explain to you EXACTLY why you’re working one way as opposed to another. He is the highest caliber of fitness professional and someone I'm just sorta pumped to know.  The man is ZERO bullshit and nonsense. Chris doesn’t want to be everyone’s best friend in that room, Chris wants to WORK everyone in that room. And without fail, EVERY week – he does. Chris has taught me, pushed me, encouraged me, rewarded me & been there when he hasn’t even realized. His music is a 10, his motivation is a 100, he screams at me when I jump off the treadmill (OH TRUST MEHE DOES…) & screams FOR me when I reach a crazy new speed. His classes are just hard as FUCK (we’re being real here  - relax,) and I love every single second of them.

Striving to be the BEST I could in that class, to reach that higher speed, that steeper incline, that heavier weight – all with the push from Chris - was what helped me get "old Lisa" back. Oh, she’s back – she’s back with a vengeance. Die Hard 3 style. Now, I only hope that everything Chris has done for me, I can do for even just one of you.


I want you all to be proud of yourselves, love yourselves, know that YES, YOU CAN. Whatever it is – YOU CAN. I want you to accept your bad days and only use them to motivate a GOOD day. I want you to push yourself when you think you JUST. CAN’T. HANDLE. IT. ANYMORE. Those days when you are over the whole thing? When you’re super annoyed, sad, angry, just really fucking tired?  When you’re lying to yourself saying “I don’t even care anymore.” Yes you do. You SO do.  And everyday I want you to remember that.  Let's be realistic.  Your ultimate goal may not happen NOW, tomorrow, even next month, but the small changes you make overtime – I PROMISE - will result in HUGE gains in the long run. Trust me, I know.

There's a reason I push my clients as hard as I know they're capable. There's a reason why I'm notoriously known for allowing ZERO slack in any of my classes or perhaps even being called "the tough one." (Yes, I know - that's the nice version....) And there's a reason why hearing "I can't," only drives me to show every client why THEY CAN. Because, I know. Now, I only hope I can help, support and inspire YOU, even just a little bit, along the way.

I will be forever grateful for finding CTW. He not only helped me find some pretty decent “guns,” he, most importantly, help me find my smile.

Be kind to yourself.

XO Lis

International Pillow Fight Day is a REAL THING!


No - it's true!!! Last night at dinner my very handsome (and single, ladies) friend Michael - told me of a bet he had with a girlfriend of mine. This bet is about to force her to attend International Pillow Fight Day here in Los Angeles on April 6th. No - This is real. I really thought it was some creepy version of a day he was making up where our friend Lindsay would show up to Michael's living room and find him and some uncomfortably arranged pillows... not the case.

Since dinner last night, I've become fascinated with this event... International Pillow Fight is a real thing, has been going on for the last five years and has a full running website with locations and information... Here are some pics from prior years and everything you need to know -  should you be so inclined to attend.


New York

LILY + JASPER :: Staying Fit Through the Holiday Season with ME!


Did you catch my first article for Lily + Jasper?! CHECK IT! It’s that time of year again when my clients try to come up with ANY excuse to not maintain their fitness and health goals during the holidays such as, “I’m going out of town”, “I have too many holiday parties” and my all time FAVORITE: “I have no place to exercise!” ’ve heard them ALL and let’s be honest – I’ve at one point used them all too. I am here to tell you why you CAN stay fit through the holiday season!

I’M GOING OUT OF TOWN:  Does that mean your eating and workout habits are thrown out the window? Before I travel, I always check out the exercise classes in the area like a Pilates studio, spinning classes and daily gym rates.  Can’t find classes you love? Bring resistance bands. Resistance bands (check out SPRI Bands) are my #1 favorite fitness travel accessory (aside from my headphones and iPod.) A jog around the area and some resistance work with bands is an easy way to maintain workouts wherever you go!

I HAVE TOO MANY HOLIDAY PARTIES: Just because poor food choices are readily made available, doesn’t mean you have to eat them…and then go back for seconds.  Best bet is to eat before! If you arrive at your event and aren’t totally famished, you will likely not reach for the quickest fried finger food to satisfy your appetite! Your best holiday party grub option? Stick to veggies (DIP FREE) sushi (watch for hidden mayo!), fruit and chicken skewers. Simple, cleaner items tend to be your best option.

I’M TRAVELING AND HAVE ZERO ACCESS TO A GYM: This is the worst excuse of them all. A walk or jog around the neighborhood combined with bodyweight exercises can still keep you on track when you’re away from your gym. Be creative! Gallon water bottles make awesome makeshift dumbbells. Here are just a FEW of many bodyweight exercises that need ZERO equipment.

- Squats - Lunges and variations thereof - Planks and variations thereof - Crunches and variations thereof - Push ups

BE REALISTIC: Set goals during the holidays you know are attainable. Work on maintaining your current weight, instead of thinking about dropping a few pounds during this time.

CONTINUE TO EXERCISE 4-5 TIMES A WEEK: Include the family! Go on walks, hikes or try a class you always wanted to together.

WATCH THAT ALCOHOL!: Drinking more means eating more!

NEVER GO HUNGRY: Continue to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Never being hungry means you won’t binge when you get to your holiday parties.

Bottom line, enjoy yourself. Health and fitness is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good. Have a wonderful holiday all! Take care of yourself! Xoxo



Over the last several months a ton of clients have come into the gym with awesome new shoes. The issue? When asked - why they picked the ones on their feet,

EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them responded with:

"They're Nike..." "They're the ones you have..." "They're purple..." (FYI - all wrong answers...) (Also FYI - mine are NEVER purple.) Buying a running shoe is not about purchasing a pretty one online or jolting into a sporting goods store for 3 minutes to just pick up any old pair. Buying a running shoe takes time. It's personal. And there actually IS a science as to why there are SO MANY damn frickin ones to choose.

Buying a running shoe is a lot like looking for a mate...

  • It's super personal.
  • There isn't a one size fits all.
  • Everybody's needs are different.
  • Just because one works well with one shoe - doesn't mean you will!
  • AND last but the biggest and most popular error EVER: Just because it's crazy good looking - doesn't mean it's the best!  

**Trust me peopleIf it is useless on the inside - you'll just wind up hurt, needing a lot of damage control and ultimately - back on your search for the ONE THAT FITS. I promise you - it ain't fun.

So to prevent any further shoe disasters, let's review some of my RUNNING SHOE SHOPPING ADVICE I give MY clients - free of charge to you, of course...

First and foremost - go to a store that employs knowledgable sales associates.  They should be super informed on ALL brands. They should watch you walk, jog, run. They should understand pronation and be able to determine how your feet handles your current stride.

Some of my favorite in LA are:

11640 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 820-7585

16545 Ventura Boulevard
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 986-8686

2621 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 829-7030

Be prepared to walk/jog/run. You will likely try on several pairs of shoes. Don't rush this, set aside at least 30 minutes.

Turn your current shoes over. Do you see wear? Is it in the toe? Is it worn away on the inside? Outside?  Your fitter will definitely find this useful in finding your perfect shoe!

Track? Trail? Tredmill? Yes, it DOES matter. Make sure you talk to your shoe fitter and they are aware. Yup, there ARE different shoes for different running locations.

Know if you have normal pronation, over-pronation or under-pronation.

Never heard these terms before? GO TO A SHOE FITTING PRO! If you've gone (good work) and still don't understand exactly what it means - here's a little guide: 


If you're a runner who's been using a pair of tennies over a year, it's most likely time to get some new "sneaks." General rule of thumb is to start shopping once you have logged

300-500 miles and/or every six months
Now 300 miles may seem like a CRAZY number, but if you're logging 3 miles a day/5x a week. That's 60 miles a month! In 6 months you would have put in 360 miles. (GOOD WORK!) If you run more you may need to replace more often - less, less often.

Your body may also just tell you if it's time to start shopping again. If you start getting knee, hip, shin pain - AND HAVE BEEN CHECKED BY YOU DOCTOR AND GIVEN THE OK - it may be time for new shoes. As support wears, your body can put unnecessary pressure on any of the above. Personally, I tend to start getting GNARLY shin splints when it's time to replace my shoes. (it's awful.)

Ok I get it. (I mean I hate purple, but I just did this with a client....) Just like finding a mate - just because it's pretty, doesn't mean it's useful. Uch, trust me...  FUNCTION OVER FASHION

This is SO important!!! I've never had an issue here. The stores I go to are really good about accepting returns on shoes that have not been overly worn. I once bought a pair of shoes, took them home, went on a run, and realized they were FAR too big. While the shoes were super supportive, my foot kept sliding forward in the shoe. I took them right back and got the smaller size. This should be allowed. It's important to make sure it fits you 100%.

Don't let buying a running shoe become overwhelming! Find a pro who can help - it will make all the difference. Need some help finding a place? Here's RUNNER WORLD'S STORE LOCATOR GUIDE! 


So there ya go, now go shopping.




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