Fitness Vacation?! Not this Year, Sweetheart...


You're traveling away from your gym, trainer, fitness buddy... There's no gym in the hotel.... You're sharing a room with your cousin Joe and you have literally NO ROOM...
All understandable excuses for putting your fitness on hold right? OH GIVE ME A SMALL BREAK!! Winter Vacation does NOT mean vacation from all things fitness!!!
So - when you're done talking total and complete NONSENSE, go put on your workout duds, get a little H2O, turn on some tunes - AND LET'S GET STARTED on some, or perhaps ALL?, of the exercises I have listed for you below.  I will be adding more exercises throughout the holiday so STAY TUNED PEOPLE! You need NO equipment except your body. (Which I am trusting you DID remember to pack?)
(*Always check with your doctor before performing any exercise.) **REMEMBER TO CLICKREAD MOREBELOW FOR THE DEETS!!!**

TRICEP DIPS! (Pic from Fit Sugar)
TRICEP DIPS - You know when you wave. You stop. And your arm keeps waving? These will stop that. Tricep dips battle the flub underneath your arms - your, ready? - TRICEPS.
Get a chair, bench, etc. and GET STARTED!
FIT SUGAR's explains how:
THE PUSH-UP (Pic from Women's Health Magazine)
PUSHUPS - You hate them. I know. But this compound exercise, an exercise that works several parts at once, is really one of the best you can master!
Work your shoulders, chest, abs, back - you're using your entire body!  GIVE ME 25! OH, YES YOU CAN!
MODIFIED PUSH-UP (Pic from Women's Health Magazine)
MODIFIED (on your knees & a bit easier! - of course that's allowed!):
THE LUNGE! (Pic from Health Magazine)

LUNGES - Sweet lunges. Friend and Foe. Done PROPERLY, these amazeball leg exercises will work pretty much every muscle in your legs. I mean do you want to do 42296349 separate exercises or a few of these compound ones? Yea, that's what I thought... So let's get to it:

***Remember: It's very important to keep your knee aligned with your ankle. "WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!" That means your knee should never go beyond your ankle on this exercise. If doing properly, your front leg will have created a 90 degree angle.
Here are the deets:
THE CHAIR SQUAT (Pic from Real Beauty)
SQUATS - What up -  Perky Tushie!? Not only does this guy keep your derriere tight and high - it works your quads (the muscle on the front of the thighs) hamstrings (on the back) & even your calves! Talk about bang for your exercise BUCK!
***Remember: Don't let your knees go beyond your toes! You'll send the weight of your body into your knees - which we do NOT want. Try to think as if you're sitting in a chair. Better yet - put a chair behind you. Let your RUMP touch the seat and and come back up to standing. REPEAT! (A LOT!)
THE PLANK! (Pic from Men's Health Mag)
PLANKS - ABS. OF. STEEL. Doing Planks work all those belly muscles even the deep deep deep ones which help keep that tummy nice and flat!
PLUS, you get a lil arm, back and leg work involved in there too! Oh honey, you're so welcome!!!!
BASIC PLANK: (if this is too difficult try the modified plank link in this demo)
THE SIDE PLANK (Pic from Women's Health Magazine)
Wanna get advanced? Check out the SIDE PLANK and work those love handles (that I know you really don't love all that much...)
My BFFAE (AND EVER!) fitsugar shows you how:
THE JUMPING JACK (Pic from Women's Health Magazine)
JUMPING JACKS - Instant heart rate raiser. Get a lil boost doing a set of 50 in between each of these exercises.
Yes even these get a demo link - now you really have ZERO excuses:
AB WORK: Crunches/Leg Raises/Bicycle -  There isn't much explanation here... Ab work works - YOU GUESSED IT - your abs. There are a BAZILIION variations of abdominal work you can do 3497293 different types of crunches, sit ups, what have you. Here are 2.
***Remember - pull your belly into your spine "WHAT!?!" That means try to keep your back GLUED to that carpet. NO ARCHING! Relax your neck!!
THE CRUNCH (Pic from




THE WALL SIT (Pic from Fit Sugar)
WALL SIT - Work your thighs, hips, tush all from the magic of Aunt Sophie's living room wall. AMAZE.