Foods I Love...


I'm Lisa - and I am a carb addict. This is factual. It is also factual that I'm frequently looking for healthier alternatives to still eat what I love but A. not take in so much calorically and B. at least get a little somethin' beneficial in the process.

Now, I'm lucky -  I get to try all sorts of new and exciting snacks when I visit Hungry Girl herself, Lisa Lillien. It was she who ever so sweetly threw one of these my way last week. The CORAZONAS OATMEAL SQUARES could be what all of us, CARBie DESSERT ADDICTS, have been looking for!
Yummy, chocolate-ly and they don't skimp on size!
I'm a tough crowd - and the Chocolate Brownie & Almonds square tasted everything brownie & chocolate I could have hope for! So Delish! I haven't tasted the other four flavors but I will say - for a dessert - these stats aren't bad at all!!!
Probably why these made HUNGRY GIRL'S BEST FINDS OF '11!!!!
Chocolate Brownie & Almonds:
180 Calories
7g Fat
27g Carbs
5g Fiber
11g Sugar
6g Protein
Wanna grab a few and see for yourself?