My Date w PALETA


A few weeks ago a friend (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...) and I decided we were going to start the PALETA meal plan together. We were lucky enough to get a week trial when I attended their INCREDIBLE winter tasting preview in November. The food was literally amazing. I was floored at not only how Executive Chef - Kelly Boyer (pretty lady above) could prepare such high quality meals that were so clean, healthy and tasty -  but that these delicious dishes were also part of the calorie controlled plan delivered to so many Los Angeles homes daily.

There was no WAY that this food would taste as good when it was received. I was sure. So, this friend may or may not have taken it upon himself to just begin without a group discussion, and has since finished his (WELL RECEIVED by the way) plan -  so I am therefore left to begin my quest ALONE. Its fine. I'm ok. I'm an independent woman... I will blog about it alone, better and with a vengeance. Since then, perhaps due to incredible holiday hunger, I have scrapped my initial plan to try their Food Cleanse and have gone straight for the calorie controlled Paleta food delivery. - Cleanse will have to be saved for the New Year! :)

First of all - how cute is this at the door? I opened the door this morning to see what Paleta Santa left my Channukah celebrating self and - lil flower in the cooler! Adorbs. I was so excited!! Now, I don't celebrate Christmas, but if I did - I'd imagine it to feel a bit like what a Personal Trainer who is starting a diet delivery program experiences when opening her cooler to see what fun lil meals she's been gifted by the organic & nutritionally balanced fairies. (I would compare it to Channukah - but I don't have the same reaction to slipper socks and tear away calendars.)

BREAKFAST: Chive Scrambled Eggs/Roasted Zucchini/Turkey Bacon/Oven Burst Grape Tomatoes I make egg whites pretty much daily. I clearly do it wrong. Somehow the eggs, just plain ol' scrambled eggs, that I was given - in a COOLER mind you - were so fluffy and yummy. The portion seemed so small to me at first but I actually was totally satisified after eating this size. Turkey bacon, delish. Zucchini - yum.

AM SNACK:  Poached Pears/Honey Yogurt/Sliced Almonds This was not normal good and BIG in terms of portion size. The pear shown in this picture was actually on top of another half. Sweetened w a bit of agave - it was not TOO sweet, but the perfect in between snack!

LUNCH: Shrimp Pad Thai/Thai Vegetables/Crushed Peanuts: I would've been pretty stoked if they threw a few more shrimps in but, again, the portions were much more satisfying than you expect when first diggin' in. It was really good.Like scraping the container good.

DINNER: Italian Smothered Turkey Burger/Balsamic Portabella Bun/Baked Carrot Fries/Spicy Ketchup & Dijon So 8:21PM and I am now regretting I have asked for no bread. I will be grateful later. So juicy and delicious but I could have used a little REAL bun action on this burger. The portabella on bottom was totally good just going a lil starch mad. Juicy, flavorful really REALLY good.

So - day one complete. Not one complaint. I mean, I'd love more - but that's more of a compliment. Looking forward to tomorrow. Chances that the cooler will container 17 belgian waffles? 82%?

Interested in Paleta? 
Give them a call and tell them I sent you!