Running Low on $$$? GET TO THE GYM!

You had BIG plans for yourself this morning, didn't you? You were SOgoing to the gym. You were going to run your face off, lift until your arms gave out and crunch until you couldn't breathe... BIG PLANS. 

Unfortunately, this morning you opted to lay in bed till 8:00AM, run a smidgen late to work and instead of that lean protein shake you would PROBABLYget upon leaving the gym - you grabbed yourself a good ol' bagel smothered in full fat cream cheese to go with that foaming frappuccino you probably just spilled a bit down your shirt (no, over there...) goodmorning for you...

Sound a little familiar? Just cough, if you get what I'm sayin'. Right, thought so...
Ok, well -  what if I took the money FROM you for missing your morning gym sesh? THEN would you go? (yes, bagel is still out of this equation...)
And HEY! What if I REWARDED you for getting your ass actually INTO gym... Yes, STILLno bagel.
BUT - definitely made things a bit more interesting, huh?
Enter GYM PACTthe app for your iphone that incentivizes your exercise!!!
Here's how it works:
JOIN:I mean you know what this means... you sign up...
SET YOUR PACT: How many days are you determined to sweat this week? And how much are you willing to wager that you WILLget yourself inside that gym? (yes, you can change the pact per week.)
CHECK IN:Sorta self explanatory. Get to the gym. Check yourself in. Clear?
GET REWARDED:Did you make your pact? Then get paid in cash by the people who BROKE THEIR PROMISES!
Sorta genius if you ask me... and yes, if you are sick - there IS a doctor's noteform all set for signature...
Check it out!
Now you really have NO EXCUSESandPLEASE-put. the. bagel. DOWN.
Do you use Gym Pact? Would you use Gym Pact?
Email me & lemme know what you think!