I like to separate mankind into two different groups. Those who celebrate Valentine's Day - and those who vomit at the thought of such tradition. AHHHH VALENTINE'S DAY... A day where greeting card and chocolate companies profit off of lovers around the world...redeeming themselves for a year's worth of erred judgement. And since there is such a plethora of LOVE mixes surfacing around today - I'd like to gift the other side my ANTI VDAY MIX!!!

NOTE TO THE HEARTBROKEN: PEOPLE - You are NOT sitting in the corner of the bathroom hugging a pillow, eating fudgicles and listening to Kelly Clarkson. Let's get up and channel that negative energy into something GREAT. These are not WHYYY MEEE SONGS. These are - You really MUST get out of your jammies and go to work songs! UPWARDS & ONWARDS! TRUST ME. It's just a Tuesday guys - you will be FINE!!!


  1. ON TO THE NEXT ONE - Jay Z On to the Next One (feat. Swizz Beatz) - The Blueprint 3
  2. KISS OFF - Scissor Sisters Kiss You Off - Ta-Dah
  3. PART OF ME - Katy Perry Part of Me - Part of Me - Single
  4. CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND (Kaskade Remix) - Robyn Call Your Girlfriend (Kaskade Remix) - Call Your Girlfriend (Remixes) - EP
  5. SABOTAGE - Beastie Boys Sabotage - Ill Communication
  6. SHUT UP AND LET ME GO - Ting Tings Shut Up and Let Me Go - Shut Up and Let Me Go - Single
  7. BULLETPROOF - La Roux Bulletproof (Dave Aude Cherry Radio Remix) - Bulletproof (Remixes) - EP
  8. LOVE IS GONE - David Guetta Love Is Gone (feat. Riester & Joachim Garraud) [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=
  9. HEARTLESS - Kanye West Heartless - 808s & Heartbreak (Bonus Video Version)
  10. CRY ME A RIVER - Justin Timberlake Cry Me a River - Justified
  11. BREAK YOUR HEART - Taio Cruz Break Your Heart - Rokstarr
  12. WOMANIZER - Britney Spears Womanizer - Circus (Deluxe Version)
  13. WITHOUT YOU (feat. Usher) - David Guetta Without You (feat. Usher) - Nothing But the Beat
  14. SHE'S CRAFTY - Beastie BoysShe's Crafty - Licensed to Ill
  15. ITS NOT RIGHT BUT ITS OKAY - Whitney Houston It's Not Right But It's Okay (Thunderpuss Mix) - Whitney - The Greatest Hits
  16. SOS - Rhianna SOS - A Girl Like Me
  17. FUCK YOU - Cee-Lo F**k You - F**k You - Deluxe Single
  18. DOG DAYS ARE OVER - Florence and the Machine Dog Days Are Over - Lungs
  19. SO WHATCHA WANT - Beastie BoysSo What'cha Want - Check Your Head
  20. ZERO - Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zero - It's Blitz! (Deluxe Edition)
  21. CRAZY - Gnarls Barkley Crazy - St. Elsewhere
  22. 99 PROBLEMS - Jay Z 99 Problems - The Black Album
  23. GRENADE - Bruno Mars Grenade - Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Deluxe Version)
  24. GONE DADDY GONE - Gnarls Barkley Gone Daddy Gone - St. Elsewhere
  25. HEADS WILL ROLL - Yeah Yeah Yeahs It's Blitz! (Deluxe Edition) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  26. TOXIC - Britney Spears Toxic - In the Zone
  27. UNSTOPPABLE - Kat Deluna Unstoppable - Confessions of a Shopaholic (Original Soundtrack) [Bonus Track Version]
  28. HARD - Rhianna Hard (feat. Jeezy) - Rated R
  29. TOUGH GUY - Beastie Boys Tough Guy - Ill Communication