I can't believe how nice everyone was just from those pictures taken off my iphone! I can't wait to post the rest when I get the actual proofs!!! HAHA
A lot of you have asked what YOU have to do to look this way or that way... I will tell you - because I know. I have looked for years. YEARS. Today, I am 33 years old and have been reading magazines, dieting, trying this and that for I'd say nearly 15 years. (WOW, I'm old.) Ladies and gentlemen, I have the answer... Ready? Are you for real ready? OK... Here it is:
It's Hard Fucking Work.
Period. End of sentence.
For 15-ish years I have looked for ANY shortcut, weird device, unhealthy diet... This class, that class. Know what I found? There is NO pill. There is NO diet for ALL. There is NO special juice. There is NO wonder machine. It is fueling the body properly. Exercising regularly. And compromising on some of the things I used to (and perhaps continue to) LOVE. i.e. WAFFLES!!! SWEET POTATO FRIES and yes - even VODKA! :) It's decision making and priorities. If having a healthy, fit body is important - you will have to work for it.  It doesn't mean you will have to forgo the things you LOVE. But it does mean that you just cannot eat crap every day and walk for 30 mins 2x a week.
I always quote this line from, yes... CHER (cut me some slack...) "Fitness- if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body."
I am SO passionate about what I do particularly because a matter of years ago - I HATED IT... I loathed exercise, my eating habits were just awful and I never felt "great." Today I LOVE exercise, my eating habits are (almost) tip top and I have NEVER felt better - because I am treating my body WELL. I wanted to show you the comparison to OLD LISA & NEW LISA and show you EXACTLY what has gone into my "change."
Exercise & a healthy diet are not temporary for me. It is in fact a LIFESTYLE.
  • I was not always athletic.
  • I used to be 20 pounds heavier.
  • I was never active as a child and would rather participate in art & drama than EVER play after school sports.
  • I took the stats for my High School sports teams with my girlfriends so we could get credit for Physical Education (OK - and hang out with the older boys. )
  • I used to get Cs in PE because I would "walk the mile."
  • The treadmill/spin bike used to make me want to stab my face. I now long for them daily.
  • I used to look to a glass of wine or an occasional cigarette when I was feeling stressed or anxious. I rarely drink and am the girl who waves their hand and proclaims: "EW EXCUSE ME?!" (Alcohol & nicotine never made me better - they made me worse... Exercise is what keeps me ZEN.)
  • I would eat diets of NONFAT/HIGH SUGAR/PROCESSED foods and be confused why I was always hungry, bloated and failing to make changes.
  • I never read labels. Except to see fat content.
  • My sprinting speed on the treadmill used to be a 5.5, if I was lucky.
  • I always said I CAN'T.
  • I had a hard time sticking up for ME.
  • Yet I was a TOTAL loose cannon.
  • I never started slow.
  • I gave up immediately.
  • I had at least 3 diet sodas a day.
  • I have had a GAGGLE of trainers. All whom I would complain to that I didn't like areas of my body - none whose solutions I'd listened to - ever. I now think about the THOUSANDS of dollars I have wasted by paying them  - over how every many years -  for an hour of time, which I would totally moot by eating poorly or doing ZERO  when they weren't around.
  • I ALWAYS have healthy options for food at home & plan what I am going to eat the following day so I am never left searching.
  • I CARRY snacks w me so I am NEVER hungry.
  • I do NOT eat SUGAR or "empty calories," unless I am on a "cheat meal."
  • I do not DRINK, unless it's part of the "cheat meal."
  • I don't care how long I am at the market, I make sure I read every label of all foods going in my cart.
  • I only CONSUME carbohydrates which provide fiber and nutrition to my body. Vegetables, Fruit, Quinoa, Brown Rice, etc.
  • I eat FAT.
  • I drink WATER.
  • I don't drink soda.
  • I MONITOR how much I am eating and how much I am burning.
  • I CONSTANTLY eat all day long every 2 - 3 hours.
  • I SCHEDULE workouts for the week & always have a back-up in case a client moves etc...
  • I PUSH myself.
  • I WORKOUT 6x a week.
  • I RUN.
  • I SPIN.
  • I LIFT WEIGHTS - heavy ones. (If you find me looking MAN-ish, you let me know...)
  • I give myself a REST day.
  • I make SLEEP a priority.
  • I am patient with my body.
  • I LISTEN to my body.
  • I IGNORE negative influences that try to dismiss or even make fun of the level of importance in which I hold my diet & workouts.
  • I altogether ELIMINATE negativity.
  • I WELCOME positivity.
  • I take a minute to breathe.
  • Yet, I will ALWAYS stand up for myself.
  • I do NOT lie nor will I tolerate dishonesty.
  • I know wanting the best for myself and always striving for the best in all facets of my life does NOT make me arrogant.
  • I laugh.
  • I love.