Seriously Bro - GO TO BED!


Hypothetically if I had a very dear friend who works their hardest in every facet of his (uh or maybe her) life but doesn't sleep enough and it really bothers me and we argue about it at length... I MAY hypothetically find any & every article to prove to him (uh or her?) that he (uh or her?) should get the #&$@&# to bed at a reasonable hour for the sake of his (or maybe her...) heart, health and weight... That is hypothetically of course... 

For all of you who workout, slave away at work & party your faces off like THIS piece of work - please read the following articles on WHY YOU ALSO NEED TO GET THE EFF TO BED! ...(it's only because I care!!!!) ...(No, you DON'T hate me is the thing - we know that...) 

My Scientific Back-Up

After You Get in Jammies - Follow these Rules!

LOOK! Gadgets That Will Help You Snooze!!

DOCTOR OZ Tells You Why You Need to Sleep to Lose Weight. DOCTOR. OZ. 

How Lack of Sleep Hurts Your Heart & Health

Sleeping Less Hurts Your Heart & Your Performance

Sleep Your Way to Better Heart Health

THIS is a Link to PAJAMA CITY. Yes, it's a Real Thing.