THIS is a heel! Can I wear THIS to a wedding?!



Let me first preface by explaining that I may or may not dress like an 8 year old boy. If there is ANY leeway to wearing a hoodie and cool kicks to an event/dinner/whatever - I will find it. When I went through a breakup a year ago my friends had a sneaker intervention with me. I was going to the movies with some guy (this is about as worthy of a description that date deserved) and my girlfriends asked what I was gonna wear... I just shrugged and threw out some skinny jeans/tee and - Vans.

The look of horror was something that I have never seen. These women of fashion then explained that "NO I can NOT wear Vans on a movie date." I was very confused why. It's the movies. I'm in the dark and sitting. (For the record I will still wear my sneaks to the movies. Love me - love my Vans dude.)

Now don't get me wrong - I enjoy a good blowout and "Loubie" dawned outfit as much as the next girl... I get my regular "gelicures," and overpriced haircuts... I have a closet filled of amazing heels I should have never purchased - and another side of the closet filled with SUPER RAD SNEAKERS I LOVE ME SO MUCH. I've just always been the girl at the bar sitting in her leather pants rolling her eyes at the girl in the party dress. (Yes, I AM that girl - BUT WHATEVER SO ARE THEY!)

yea, kinda.

Then today I discovered this beauty.

Yes. This is a hidden wedge NIKE HIGH TOP. BOOM. Now, no it doesn't really make it fancy but it DOES make a girl who is 5'2 (AND A HALF) a whole lot taller and perhaps feeling a bit less like Dennis the Menace.

I can't find these gray gems anywhere so I got the blue - which I don't really like at all, but which I am pumped to wear and feel like I am the Queen of - I dunno, Bootcamp?

(ALSO lil friendly FYI - if anyone finds the gray - MY BDAY IS JULY 6TH!!!)

Get them before they are sold out - AWESOME NIKE HIDDEN WEDGE KICKS!