I love food. If you know me - you know I love food. If you don't know me you'll soon learn - I LOVE FOOD. As a trainer, my tastebuds are not particularly conventional. I still love chicken tenders and cupcakes. Waffles and sweet potato fries. Vodka and - well, I just love vodka. But let's be honest - I eat (drink) it all within moderation. I'd love a world where I could sit on the living room floor, eating a sweet potato fry covered waffle, while throwing back a vodka/club soda - all off of my rock hard abdominals.... but since that's not happening anytime soon, I've learned to make a few changes to the foods I love - holding me together and keeping me relatively sane. (I mean, food can only do so much...)

And that's where this lady comes in...


AKA Hungry Girl, a longtime client and close friend, has kept me sane long before I became a trainer! While admiring my stellar (and by stellar I mean not even a little bit stellar. OK, really it was offensive) eating habits, a friend suggested (ever so casually) I check out HG's site. It took about 10 minutes and I was obsessed. CHICKEN TENDERS!? CHOCOLATE MUFFINS?

Even for a girl who takes 90 minutes to cook a 30 MINUTE MEALS OR LESS dinner - the HUNGRY GIRL recipes are really just easy as  - pie. Wait, get it? GET IT!?! How smart is that?!

Now full disclosure - I do occasionally swap some processed stuff out for more natural and/or gluten free items - but either way - here is just a sampling of some of the HG recipes I've made and LOVE.

FINGER LICKIN' GOOD Chicken Tenders!

PIE BABY! Apple Pie Pockets


BREAKFAST PIZZA MEXICALI - I mean, it's a Breakfast Pizza...

WISE FRIES - Butternut Squash Fries