LILY + JASPER :: Staying Fit Through the Holiday Season with ME!


Did you catch my first article for Lily + Jasper?! CHECK IT! It’s that time of year again when my clients try to come up with ANY excuse to not maintain their fitness and health goals during the holidays such as, “I’m going out of town”, “I have too many holiday parties” and my all time FAVORITE: “I have no place to exercise!” ’ve heard them ALL and let’s be honest – I’ve at one point used them all too. I am here to tell you why you CAN stay fit through the holiday season!

I’M GOING OUT OF TOWN:  Does that mean your eating and workout habits are thrown out the window? Before I travel, I always check out the exercise classes in the area like a Pilates studio, spinning classes and daily gym rates.  Can’t find classes you love? Bring resistance bands. Resistance bands (check out SPRI Bands) are my #1 favorite fitness travel accessory (aside from my headphones and iPod.) A jog around the area and some resistance work with bands is an easy way to maintain workouts wherever you go!

I HAVE TOO MANY HOLIDAY PARTIES: Just because poor food choices are readily made available, doesn’t mean you have to eat them…and then go back for seconds.  Best bet is to eat before! If you arrive at your event and aren’t totally famished, you will likely not reach for the quickest fried finger food to satisfy your appetite! Your best holiday party grub option? Stick to veggies (DIP FREE) sushi (watch for hidden mayo!), fruit and chicken skewers. Simple, cleaner items tend to be your best option.

I’M TRAVELING AND HAVE ZERO ACCESS TO A GYM: This is the worst excuse of them all. A walk or jog around the neighborhood combined with bodyweight exercises can still keep you on track when you’re away from your gym. Be creative! Gallon water bottles make awesome makeshift dumbbells. Here are just a FEW of many bodyweight exercises that need ZERO equipment.

- Squats - Lunges and variations thereof - Planks and variations thereof - Crunches and variations thereof - Push ups

BE REALISTIC: Set goals during the holidays you know are attainable. Work on maintaining your current weight, instead of thinking about dropping a few pounds during this time.

CONTINUE TO EXERCISE 4-5 TIMES A WEEK: Include the family! Go on walks, hikes or try a class you always wanted to together.

WATCH THAT ALCOHOL!: Drinking more means eating more!

NEVER GO HUNGRY: Continue to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Never being hungry means you won’t binge when you get to your holiday parties.

Bottom line, enjoy yourself. Health and fitness is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good. Have a wonderful holiday all! Take care of yourself! Xoxo