Tasty Tuesday... Oh, Quest Bars: I Love You.


I'm always on the road. Driving to clients' homes, the gym, to teach my classes at Pilates Plus West Hollywood, back home, back out for my workout, back home and out again... It's a lot. And, being healthy means always making sure I'm not only keeping active, but nourished as well! Which is why finding on-the-go foods, I love, have become my newest obsession. Enter QUEST BARS. Quest bars are gluten free, high fiber, high protein, very low sugar/carb and calorically - super reasonable. I'll grab one in the early AM when I'm in the car, after a workout and they are my number ONE staple emergency snack. (I'm not joking, in the bag, in my house, my friend sat on one in my car the other day... You get it.) The bars are available in two lines: their 99.5% natural line as well as the 100% natural line. Now, because I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to sugar alcohols, which their natural line contains, I will only buy from the former. But give them a go if you don't have issues, I'm sure you'll love! I recently uncovered the secret microwave trick. Zap these puppies for 10 seconds and you have yourself: hot apple pie, a freshly baked brownie, a peanut butter cookie, etc. etc. etc. I'm serious, they're SO insane, friends of mine who work in an office without a microwave, started putting their QUESTS on their computer towers to heat up the bars. People get a bit nutty over these puppies.

I can't with this...

And if THAT still doesn't do it for you - perhaps you may also want to look into their peanut butter cups. Which I can't even get into because I love them so much I may cry.


Quest bars are pretty hard to find, but can certainly be purchased on their home site here: QUEST BARS - and to answer your question, my faves are Chocolate Brownie, Apple Pie and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Happy Munchin'!

xo lis