Workout Wednesday... I totally went to a Rave Run. Electric Run 2013


(**To stop the Vine's from playing just click on them...) "OMG let's totally do this, " my friend Sarah said in a forwarded email.

"You just sent me a link to a rave run."

"It'll be fun!"

"It's a rave run."

Two weeks later, at 7:30PM, Sarah forced my cynical, yet ever so charming self, into the car headed straight to the Home Depot Center in Carson. I was about to participate in Los Angeles'2013 Electric Run, a 5K which started at 8:30 - PM. (Those that know me understand - this is basically my bedtime.) But after a little espresso motivation, I headed to this bizarro electric wonderland and took part in a 3.1 mile run leading me through; pumping music, dancing lights and a group of people - I'm confident I'll never see again. Until of course I do this next year... and the year thereafter...I really have no other way to describe what I did other than the below visual aides. Enjoy.

*Electric Run is held throughout the country and is honestly some of the most fun I've had in a long time. Click here for YOUR closest: Electric Run

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photo 3
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