Tunes for Thursday... The Procrastination of Playlists!


Yes, OK - I occasionally procrastinate... but I've really set an ULTIMATE record high at posting playlists. I looked back to see when exactly the last one posted and when I saw AUGUST - I had a mild anxiety attack. I've taught to SO many playlists over the last ten months there was no way I could post them all! SO - I'll be posting a few at once until we get ourselves up to date - somewhere in probably 2015... For now, I picked one from each month from December to March. We'll get down to more per month once we get closer to present day, probably around - never.

The below are through Spotify, (you will need an account to listen,) some will be through Soundcloud, some Itunes - you're smart, you'll figure it out! (**This is my make shift version... while we embed them for you... They'll all be fixed and much easier to view and play next week!)

**Click on the image to enlarge the playlist, Click on the link to listen...**

See?! I told you, you were smart!**

ENJOY! And if there are any songs, artists, whatever you LOVE - let me know... I'm good with requests!

xx lis

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