FUN FINDS FRIDAY... The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


I love my heart rate monitor. I do. Well, perhaps LOVE is a strong word but, I certainly like it a crap more than most of the guys I've dated from 2011 - 2013. OK, so it's become a bit of a security blanket when I workout. I've sorta grown SO attached to my heart rate monitor, I find it nearly impossible to exercise without it strapped to my wrist. Now while calorically, these devices aren't super accurate - watching your heart rate during exercise can become an incredible motivator and 100% addicting when monitoring your particular zones. If you have previously checked with your doctor before participating in your own exercise program and are curious about your own heart rate zones - check out this super helpful article from ACTIVE

The Polar FT7 is just generally awesome. I measure my heart rate everywhere. I take it to spin, bootcamp, pilates, on my runs, hikes... I should probably use it when I attend family dinners - but never really thought of that until now... This particular model tracks fat burning, fitness improvement and calories burned. It does not monitor training zone info, but with previous calculations, I monitor that manually. It is approximately $100 and can be found at most sporting good stores as well as HERE