WORKOUT WEDNESAY... LOOK! Soulcycle for Michael Phelps!


I've so excited! This weekend, the New York Times reported on an amazing exercise studio in Tribeca that basically married two of my favorite things into one. Here's AQUA, a high-end boutique fitness club that offers spinning - IN WATER. Yes, that's correct - bikes immersed in water. The newest trend in Europe, "Aquacycling," is now hitting the states - and hard. Holding 15 bikes and, for now, women only - this 45 minute class differs a bit from your everyday SOUL ride. While still promoting positivity, lined with candles and throwing in jumps, tap backs - and of course, that killer arm workout -  the resistance made in an AQUA class doesn't necessarily come from the bike itself, but from your legs. Instead of "turning it up," spinners "speed it up," creating resistance through the water on their own. This impact free workout is IDEAL for people with muscular or joint problems.

Aqua claims their class can burn up to 800 calories, promotes flexibility and recovery, improves cardiovascular endurance and increases breathing capacity. Wait - but doesn't exercise do that in general?! Regardless - I WANNA TRYYYYYY!!! AQUA's rates run from $33 - $40, depending on the package, and can be booked HERE: AQUA SCHEDULE

For more information check out: AQUASTUDIO at 78 Franklin Street, New York, 10013 or call: 212-966-6784.

And if you go for a spin swim - TELL.ME. EVERYTHING!!!!!