FUN FINDS FRIDAY: The Wedge Sneaker...


Ok, not so much news breaking - but I'm sorta into it  - so humor me. Yes - the WEDGE SNEAKER has sorta taken casual fashion by storm and we can thank Isabel Marant for starting this thing going with the following $695 beauty...

Isabel Marant Bekett

Yep, The Bekett has been seen on basically every celeb to and fro. From Jessica Alba to Miranda Kerr, Beyonce to ... I mean who cares - I said Beyonce. The point is - they all wanted a piece of this action. And, from there, pretty much all designers followed. Jimmy Choo, Prada, Steve Madden, Aldo, Ash... Whatever. It was when NIKE pulled out THIS SHIT I went sorta nuts.


The Nike Dunk Sky Hi sneaker has made people so crazy, a shoe will debut and within hours be sold out - forever. It's sad, it pains me... it makes me want to murder my friend Gina who received  THIS SHOE I WANTED SO EFFIN BAD from her super rad boyfriend.


Ok we get it - thanks for the Instagram...from Costa Rica. Uch, whatever. I totally also saw Vanessa Hudgens leaving Soulcycle the other day in them and for a split second wonder what would happen if I just pummeled her, took the shoes and ran. Then I recalled how much I'm obsessed with spinning and wanted to be allowed back the next morning. So - no shoes.

But we're getting off point. THE POINT is that I love them. The Nike Dunk Sky Hi are cool, cute and way super comfy. I can teach in them, I can I dunno just sorta stand places in them... I really want that pair Gina has, but I'm not gonna ever get them. And that's just life I guess.

I'm not LOVING the ones Nike has up now - except maybe these possibly offensively ugly red/black situations - it's kinda undecided.


No, I definitely think offensive. So nevermind. Now I'm thinking about Gina's shoes again...

And that's pretty much all I have to say about that.  Off to bed I go... Though, if you DO find the GINA SHOES - I'm an 8 1/2 and my birthday is July 6th.

Sleep tight crazy people! xo